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Survive Said The Prophet - MUKANJYO | Official Music Video

Official Music video for "MUKANJYO" by Survive Said The Prophet from the new single 'MUKANJYO'.

"MUKANJYO" is now digitally available worldwide!


Direction / Produce / Camera / Edit : maxilla
1st Camera : Naoki Sato
Lighting Director : Ryo Takahashi
Hair and Make-up : Aya Sumimoto(GiGGLE),choonmi

2019.08.21 IN STORES
SRCL-11227~11228 (¥1,600+tax)

02. Right and Left -“s p a c e [ s ] TOUR 2018-19 FINAL”LIVE Ver.-
03. MUKANJYO -Instrumental-

VINLAND SAGA Non Credit Opening Movie



2019.08.21 IN STORES
SRCL-11229 (¥1,000+tax)

02. Right and Left -“s p a c e [ s ] TOUR 2018-19 FINAL”LIVE Ver.-
03. MUKANJYO -Instrumental-


『UK Debut Shows』
9月6日(金) London | Boston Music Room
Ticket: http://newcrossinn.com/tickets/events/survive-said-the-prophet-london
9月7日(土) Manchester | The Star and Garter
Ticket: http://newcrossinn.com/tickets/events/survive-said-the-prophet-london

『Made In Asia Tour』
9月15日(日) 高松 DIME  guest act: waterweed
9月16日(月) 広島 VANQUISH guest act: lynch.
9月18日(水) 仙台 Rensa guest act: Nothing's Carved In Stone
9月20日(金) 札幌 PENNY LANE24 guest act: KNOCK OUT MONKEY
10月01日(火) 新潟 GOLDEN PIGS RED STAGE guest act: SHADOWS
10月04日(金) 福岡 BEAT STATION guest act: SIX LOUNGE
10月08日(火) 大阪 BIGCAT guest act: Hump Back
10月09日(水) 名古屋 BOTTOM LINE guest act: fox capture plan
10月15日(火) 東京 ZeppDivercity(TOKYO) guest act: a crowd of rebellion
10月18日(金) 沖縄 桜坂セントラル guest act: Newspeak
チケット料金:¥4,000 (東京公演2F指定は¥5,000)


Survive Said The Prophet
Official Website: http://survivesaidtheprophet.com/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/SSTPofficial
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/survivesaidtheprophet/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/survivesaidtheprophet/
MEMBER'S SITE[SABA CULT]: http://sabacult.com/

#VINLAND_SAGA #survivesaidtheprophet #サバプロ

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