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Forgotten Rusty Oil Lamp - Restoration

Forgotten Rusty Construction Oil Lamp - Restoration

In this video i'm restoring an old oil lamp made by Locher.

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My friend found this oil lamp in the steel waste at the recycling station. This one was owned by a big swiss construction company called WALO, it was used as a signal light at construction sites. These oil lamps made by Locher were very common in switzerland for railroads as well. I really liked the look of this lamp, specially the combination of red and white. As I'm still a complete beginner when it comes to painting and working with sheet, I decided to challenge myself and restore this beautiful oil lamp. I learned a lot of new stuff, specially about the painting. The result came out quite nice and I'm happy with it.

I hope you like my work and the video.


00:00 preview
00:53 disassembling
02:16 showing all the parts
02:28 washing the parts
03:00 pre test
03:09 measure the temperature of the lamp
03:28 removing the paint with paint stripper
04:49 bringing the sheets back in shape
05:58 removing the dents on the top part
06:41 sandblasting
07:31 using filler on the door
07:49 apply heat resistant paint
08:18 apply primer
08:29 apply white coat
09:15 apply red coat
10:22 restoring the glass
10:41 making new gaskets for the glass
11:29 restoring theclips
12:13 restoring the small steel shaft for the door
12:36 restoring the lock
13:01 making a new square shaft for the lock
14:15 restoring the new key for the lock
14:40 restoring the oil container
15:28 restoring the burner
16:32 replacing the wick
16:41 showing all the parts before reassembling
17:04 reassembling
18:38 showing the finished product
19:25 final test

Time and costs of this restoration:

I spent around 30 hours on this project
$3 new wick
$20 new gaskets
$9 lamp oil
$20 heat resistant paint
$20 primer (2K)
$20 white coat (2K)
$20 red coat (2K)

Timestamps of used tools and machines:

01:57 300g hammer and 3mm punch
01:59 pliers
02:01 bench vice with soft jaws
02:38 parts washer with parts cleaner liquid, google it ;-)
02:57 lamp oil
03:00 lighter
03:09 laser temperature gauge
03:28 paint stripper
03:33 nylon brush
03:45 scraper
04:00 nylon brush for kitchen
04:34 universal spray (Motorex Intact MX50)
04:59 300g hammer and piece of aluminium
05:16 air die grinder wit sanding bit
05:25 angle grinder
05:28 300g hammer and 3mm punch
05:44 300g hammer and piece of aluminium
05:54 air die grinder wit sanding bit
06:41 sandblaster
07:35 two component filler
07:39 sandpaper for metal (grid 120, 240)
07:49 heat resistant paint matt black
08:11 masking tape
08:18 two component primer
08:29 two component white paint
08:49 masking tape
09:15 two component red paint
09:42 scalpel
10:28 cotton buffing wheel
10:51 scalpel
11:33 steel wire brush
11:37 steel wire brush
11:46 pliers
11:53 300g hammer
12:01 cotton buffing wheel
12:17 300g hammer
12:23 sandpaper for metal (grid 120, 240, 400)
12:28 cotton buffing wheel
12:40 steel wire brush
12:46 sandpaper for metal (grid 120, 240, 400)
12:51 cotton buffing wheel
13:01 lathe Weiler
13:17 milling machine Aciera F3, carbide endmill 10mm
13:43 lathe Weiler
13:55 belt grinder (grid 60)
14:00 sandpaper for metal (grid 120, 240, 400)
14:09 cotton buffing wheel
14:21 cotton buffing wheel
14:29 cord drill with steel wire brush
14:44 sandpaper for metal (grid 240, 400)
14:49 steel wire brush
14:56 cotton buffing wheel
15:13 funnel and acetone
15:31 mixture of equal parts of vinegar, salt and flour
15:55 nylon brush for kitchen
16:10 steel wire brush
16:16 sandpaper for metal (grid 240, 400)
16:22 cotton buffing wheel
17:12 300g hammer
17:31 300g hammer
18:08 lamp oil
18:14 tweezers
19:25 lighter

My camera:
Panasonic HC-V180

If you have any questions about the process, machines i'm using or other stuff, just ask me in the comments. I read them all and i try to reply as soon as possible.

Sorry for my bad english, it's not my language. I try my best to improve my technical english.

Subscribe for more of my content. I'm uploading videos about mechanical stuff, as new creations and buildings and also restorations.

Thank you for watching :-)


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