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The World's SHORTEST A380 Flight - Just 40 minutes!

Join me to fly the World's Shortest A380 Flight from Dubai to Muscat on Emirates. I was invited to fly on the inaugural Emirates A380 flight from Dubai to Muscat on July 1st.

Discover all the amenity, the service and what you can do inside the A380 on such a short flight. Also watch the whole flight in timelapse replay at the end!

Giveaway Link:


Join me for a very memorable and exciting flight from Dubai to Muscat, Oman, on the very first flight between these two cities taken aboard an Airbus A380. With the introduction of the Airbus A380 on to this route, this automatically becomes the world’s shortest A380 flight, lasting just 40 minutes. Despite the short flight time, however, in classic Emirates style, there’s still plenty to enjoy, taste, see and do in a very comfortable and luxurious environment. Due to the flight’s short duration, the altitude of the flight is much lower than normal, at only 19,000 feet and the speed is lower too, at 270 knots.

The Dubai to Muscat route used to be run using a Boeing 777-300 ER and you might initially wonder why the decision has been taken to switch to a super jumbo jet like the Airbus A380 for such a short flight. However, when you see the crowds in the airport for this particular flight, you’ll realise that the primary motivation for this change of aeroplane model is simply to fit everyone on board!

I start the day bright and early at Dubai Airport at 6 AM, which is peak time in the air terminal building, with a large number of Airbus A380’s congregated on the tarmac ready to take a large number of people to destinations all over the globe from Dubai. I have a long walk to get to my flight gate – a 20 minute walk within the terminal building for a 40 minute flight! I’m therefore glad that the breakfast is so good in the Emirates First Class Lounge, with a perfect mix of Indian, Asian, Arabic and Western foods on offer. As has been a running theme in recent videos, I opt for something nice and spicy to kick off my day and wake me up – the spicy masala omelette, and I am even handed some extra chilly powder by a kind fellow passenger in the lounge, just in case it wasn’t hot enough already!

Before boarding, I am delighted to bump in to Lays Laraya, a fellow Av geek on Instagram, who made her 143rd Emirates A380 flight with me. She very kindly hands out thank you cards and gifts to all 27 of the Emirates staff during the flight – hats off to her; she’s very dedicated. I also have the pleasure of meeting Cherag Dubash who also takes the flight with me – he is a passionate aviation enthusiast.

Once we’re up in the air, I take the opportunity to inspect the famous on-board first class shower and spa. The flight’s only 40 minutes long so you might think that there’s not much time for that, but the shower’s wet when I check it, so someone certainly took the opportunity to freshen up!

What I love about Emirates is their attention to detail and your comfort – despite the short duration of the flight, they still lay on a tray full of tasty food with fruit, bread, croissants, cheese, meat and a hot drink all available. You just need to finish up quick!

I was able to get a 1:400 model of the Airbus A380 Green Dubai Expo 2020 aeroplane from the Emirates duty free shop at Dubai airport, which is a wonderful souvenir of this niche, inaugural A380 flight between Dubai and Muscat. The celebration ceremony when we arrive at Muscat airport makes it all the more special, with dignitaries cutting a special cake cut to celebrate the occasion.

Overall, it was a very memorable and enjoyable flight and I was so pleased to be able to share this special moment with the Emirates airline staff who are always so kind and friendly. Did you enjoy the experience? Let me know in the comments section down below and, as always, thanks for watching!

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