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Old Gear Oil Pump Restoration - BAELZ 6G

Welcome to another long overdue Really Random production. I hope you enjoy this jumbo episode.
More details below.

In this episode i am restoring a Baelz oil pump bucket i found at a car boot sale. After purchasing it and having it make an unholy mess in my car its finally in the workshop and ready to be revived!

The initial inspection revealed all was good with the pumping mechanism it moved freely and smoothly and hold pressure so the decision was made at that point not to disturb the pump as there are no serviceable parts in there and its all working so why go looking for trouble?

The bucket and hose were another story though, The bucket was badly dented and pitted and the hose was quite clearly non original and cracking and the nozzle was just a piece of 15mm copper pipe bent at a 90.

First job i tackled was stripping the item down into its individual components. After this was done i headed over to the sand blaster where all of the original paint and rust were stripped off the bucket leaving perfectly clean steel for me to work with. Instead of using the PDR rods to massage the dents out i thought id give the glue pulling technique a go. It worked quite well the dents came out most of the way requiring only a thin layer of filler to smooth out the surface the rest of the way.

Once happy with the surface i moved onto fixing the mounting tab for the filler lid, as you can see in the video the top part is missing so i used a copper plate as a backing and mig welded in the missing steel then ground it back and filed it all into shape to match the other tab. The it was simply a case of refitting the lid and replicating the blob of weld that was there before. Mission accomplished id say. I gave the base a good coat of Hydrate 80 to keep the rust at bay seeing as this area is a prime target for moisture accumulation.

Once 3 layers of high build primer were applied and cured i wet flatted the surface back to remove defects and prepare it for accepting base coat. The first layer is white, then the stenciling is applied then green, then some of the stencil is removed to reveal the logo then red applied.

At this point i jumped across and started working on the pump and base of the bucket. The pump was stripped the old fashioned messy way so as not to introduce any blast media into the pump cylinder and the rest of the parts were blasted after being given a thorough wash in the parts washer of course. Once they were all stripped they were given the same treatment as the bucket etch primed, high build primed, then base coated. once a bit of detailing was added by hand all the parts were given a hefty coat of clear and left to cure.

The old perished rubber hose was replaced with a new braided vintage style hose and a new brass tap and nozzle were constructed to try and replicate the original which you cant buy anymore. once all of that was fabricated all nuts bolts screws and washers were all polished up and ready for installing.

Assembly was pretty much the reversal of disassembly except for the addition of new gaskets.

If you like what you see and have any ideas for the channel or would even like to donate something to restore to the channel please get in touch. :)

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#Restoration #vintage#subscribe

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Old Gear Oil Pump Restoration - BAELZ 6G

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