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10 Most TERRIFYING Discoveries Made In The Deep Ocean!

From real life sea monsters washed ashore, to entire lost cities, here are 10 of the most amazing and sometimes creepy things found in the deep ocean.

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10. Oarfish
The depths of the ocean hide many wonders, and one of the strangest and most bizarre is the Oarfish. This is a large fish that is the largest "bony fish" alive. In fact, the largest one found was 36 feet long. Yet when it was found on the beach many people thought it was fake because it was so big and weird! It was "too big" or "too monstrous" to be real.

9. Whole Cities
Throughout history, humanity has built all sorts of cities in many places. However, nature has had a hand in determining whether they survived or not, including quite literally sinking them into the oceans or seas that they have bordered. If you were to dive into certain places around the world, you would find whole cities, complete with buildings and other amenities, fully engulfed by the water.

8. The Real Kraken
One of the most popular legends of the ocean is that of the Kraken, a deep sea creature that would rise up to swallow ships hole and take sailors to a watery grave. Numerous reports claimed that this creature was real, and because we couldn't go into the depths of the ocean, many believed it to be a real thing. But the real "culprits" for what the Kraken is, and isn't, is the Colossal and Giant Squids.

7. Sarcastic Fringehead
One of the many evolutions that certain fish and other creatures have is the ability to seem harmless from afar, but then, when a predator nears, they flare up their body in some way and become very aggressive, which in the waters of the world speaks to the nature of the Sarcastic Fringehead. Not sure why they are considered sarcastic?

6. A Mystery Eye
Imagine this, you're going along a beach and you see something bobbing up and down in the water near you, you go and retrieve whatever it is, only to find yourself looking at a giant detached eyeball. What do you do? In regards one person in Pompano, Florida, they decided to pick up the massive eyeball and take it to the nearby Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission and get it examined to find out what exactly the eyeball was.

5. Anglerfish
When it comes to the Mariana Trench, despite its mystery and wonder, there are a few species that we know about. One such species is the Angler Fish. This creature is a hunter and killer like few others, and its tricks its opponents to come to it. Ironically enough, the Anglerfish is actually called the "Seadevil" by some. Which is appropriate because its face and body definitely remind you of a demon. Its teeth are huge and sharp, and the eyes alone are enough to scare any who see it.

4. Frilled Shark
Known as the "living fossil", the Frilled Shark is a special of shark that doesn't resemble many of the species of sharks that live in the oceans today. Or more accurately, it does not have many of the "standard" features a shark is known for. It doesn't have a large dorsal fin, instead, it has numerous fins on the side and bottom of its body. Its skin also looks very rugged and worn, which many have likened to certain types of eels.

3. Stargazers
There are many fish in the sea who use a variety of tactics to get their food, and the family known as the Stargazers are no exception. Their body is literally built for ambushing unsuspecting prey. For example, their eyes are on the top of their head instead of the sides like most fish. Their bodies are relatively flat, and their mouths are actually upward-facing. What they like to do is go into a reef and bury themselves in the sand.

2. Goblin Shark
The Goblin Shark (also known as the Vampire Shark) is one of the most interesting things you will find in places like the Mariana Trench. Why? Its age. Its species is said to have lived for millions of years. They're believed to be so old that some scientists refer to them as "living fossils".

1. Barreleye Fish
To live in the depths of the ocean, you need to have the literal ability to withstand just about everything the environment can throw at you. The Barreleye Fish did just that, evolving to be what it needed to be. Mainly, a fish that can see everything because its head is not "fully there". This is a fish with a literal transparent head. Why is that? It's speculated that it allows the fish to catch light. If you're wondering why this is so important, you need to remember, at about 3280 feet, the natural reach of the sun's rays peter out.

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