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This is Hindustan


Indian version of the song THIS IS AMERICA by Childish Gambino,
Jai Insaan!

Cast: Aariz Saiyed, Jayraj Dodiya, Nikita Shrimali, Chirayu Mistry, Manan Desai, Deep Vaidya, Chhayank Patel, Harsh Patel, Pratik Parmar, Karan Panchal, Bhaskar Goswami, Lionel Hopkins, Abhilash Das, Abhi Patel, Shivang Jignar, Jay Pandya, Shivani Vaidya, Monali Jetley, Arsin, Ronak, Niraj,Nassir shaikh, Vaibhav Thakkar, Shrey Thakkar, Rushi Pandya, Akshat Jain, Sumit Gupta, Madhan Pillai, Jayesh Bapodariya, Meet Thakkar, Disha Alva, Yash Rasdhari, Dipesh Thakkar.

End Voicover by: Dr. APJ ABDUL KALAAM and Amitabh Bacchan.

Special thanks to our venue partner
Associate Engineers (GIDC MANJUSAR)

Dance steps choreographed by:
Jayraj and Nikita-Follow their youtube channel here

Directed and edited By: Aariz Saiyed
additional inputs: Manan Desai
Chief Assistant Director: Arpita Manek
Cinematographer: Hetan Shah and Chinmay Deshpande (Friends' Republic)
Art Director: Hima Patel
Additional Inputs: The Comedy Factory Team
VFX: Naseer Shaikh
Grading by: Hetan Shah
Production Head: Deep Vaidya
Production: Harsh Patel

This is Hindustan audio credits:

Lyrics by: Aariz Saiyed and Manan Desai
Sung By: Aariz Saiyed
Tabla By: Sagar Shinde
Recorded and Mixed By: Prajval Pandya (Ahmon Studios)

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