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12 Mistakes All of Us Keep Making Before Flight

For quite a few people, flying can be a stressful experience. Even folks who’ve been doing it for years will tell you that. Not only do you need to be a savvy passenger that organizes everything in advance, but you also need to be prepared for the unexpected. Some people even follow a strict schedule in order to be one step ahead.

However, this method isn’t always enough. There are certain things we tend to forget. For example, are you aware of the things you should never do before flying? For those of you who have no clue what this is about, here are some of the mistakes that you might not even know you’re making at the airport.

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Putting your documents in a small bag 0:42
Not checking-in online 1:24
Paying for over-weight luggage 2:18
Not looking up the seat plan 3:13
Wrapping your suitcase 3:43
Going to the first security check-points 4:23
Keeping liquids in their carry-on
Relaxing after going through security 6:06
Trying unusual dishes 6:38
Forgetting about turbulence 7:34
Ditching the anti-bacterial wipes 8:34
Not thinking about jet lag 8:56

#airtravel #traveltips #brightside

- If you lose your backpack at the airport, you have a good chance of finding it because it’s large. A smaller bag will be more difficult to spot, and if an opportunistic thief spots it, it’ll be easy for them to hide.
- With the online check-in options, you somehow guarantee your arrival at the airport for your flight. So, the sooner you do it, the better.
- You can always weigh your luggage at home, or you can restrict yourself from packing some necessities that are already available at the airport.
- Right before your long-awaited journey, make sure you check some websites that show you the secret. For example, which seats have more leg room.
- It’s better to invest in a good quality lock for security, or try a reusable cover that can keep your luggage nice and clean.
- Many people automatically go to the first check-points that tend to be overcrowded. The main reason is that the last checkpoints don’t have a queue, and passengers assume that they’re closed.
- Next time you travel, make sure you double check the amount of liquids you’re taking, and place them in a transparent pack to speed-up the process.
- When trying a new cuisine or new food, you don’t know how your stomach will react to it, and doing that right before a flight is a huge no-no.
- The best time for turbulence sensitive passengers to fly is during the winter, in the morning or late at night. And if you’re wondering why turbulence has the luxury to pick it’s time to shine, let’s get into some sciency stuff.
- The airport is one of the most infectious places you can be in. So, having some anti-bacterial wipes and sanitizer to protect yourself is literally life-saving.
- 93% of flyers experience jet lag. So, the best way to avoid this is by adjusting your watch, and maybe the time on your phone, to the time of your destination.

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