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Ice Scream-Ice Watching (part 1)

I dont know why did I record this, but I did it anyway.
This is me checking this image-by-image thing(dont know what is more appropriate call, sorry.) from Ice Scream, which is one of the two manga series made by mogeko, called Ice Watching. It is more likely viewing the whole Iceberg Isle, with some fun and weird stuffs from every places, as well as characters.

(Sorry if the text is unreadable.)
Q:Ummmm.... Part 1?
A:Basically there are possiblities that mogeko will add more places(according to vg lol.)
But there is 10% I might continue (if there is) If im only bored playing or (Re)draw some things.

The Way We Were(Memories) by NICODE
Wadanohara OST:
Sunbeam Spot
Vivere la Vita by Sta

Ice Watching English:

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