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ASMR Lullaby Singing in Portuguese Soft Spoken-Sussurros e Cancoes de Ninar

Lullaby at 14:20 Translation: "Many people were commenting in my previous videos that there are not a lot of ASMR videos with the 3Dio in Portuguese. So I made this one for you guys.. very simple.
I know I have promised making the "praying" video but I havent found this plant they use in Brazil yet. Thank you everybody that reminded me of the name of that plant "Arruda".
I also have a lot of people asking why I came to the US, and also many comments say "Why does this girl whisper so much?" Well, if you dont know, ASMR videos are made for people to Relax.. So there are a lot of sounds like *brush mic* or kisses *kiss*, blows *blow mic*, whispers, tapping..each person has their own favorite triggers. Trigger is a kind of sound that causes the tingles.
Its not for everybody, some people cant relax with videos like this at all.. but who likes it, likes a lot. Some people even feel some kind of tingly sensation, others just relaxation.. and some simply enjoy the personal attention. Personal attention can be very comforting. So, if you find it weird it's understandable. It's something different and new, I'd say less than 10 years, but it's good to respect who likes it.
I have been in the US now for nearly 8 years and I came here because of my mother.
She was already living here..Once my parents divorced she started talking again to her first boyfriend, whom was part American. So she ended up coming here..and soon after I came too. First with the intention to learn English only but then I met my ex husband. We stayed together for 4 years and a half, he was an Army guy and he had many emotional issues, it was very complicated. Even though he is an amazing person and we are still friends he truly wasn't ready for a relationship and we grew apart.
I hope this has answered a few questions..
When I find the "arruda" I will do the praying video. Many things have been happening, Only in 2016 I have moved 4 times and lived in a hotel for 2 months. Because the house (which is actually a boat) that I'm living now was under construction.. but it's almost good now. I plan on selling this for more than what I bought it for. It was actually a great investment but for a moment it put my life upside down.
Now I will do one of my favorite trigger. I will brush my camera while I whisper to you.. you dont have to pay attention to anything Im saying. Just take this moment to relax... empty your mind..No stress.. No rush. it's only me and you, and I'm just your guide. Your guide for relaxation. I'm just a voice..saying: Relax.. everything is going to be ok. It's time to sleep. It's time to rest.
Rest..Sleep..If you like this video I will make more in Portuguese.
Ideally would be making 2 videos per week, 1 in Portuguese and 1 in English. But let's see how my schedule goes.
It's true that my channel was meant to be English only initially. I don't say this because I want to hide from or dismiss brazilians but because I didnt expect so many Brazilians to find me.. I didnt know this was a thing in Brazil already. And also I started ASMR because of American friends. This is how everything started.. but if many people like my videos in Portuguese I will make more of them.
Do you like kissing sounds?
*kiss kiss*
These weird crack sounds in the background are from the hardwood floor.. I hope it doesnt bother you too much. But its all it is.. the wood planks re adjusting because of the cold.. Its very very cold here.
I was looking for ASMR videos with lullaby singing and I didnt find many.. In fact I didnt find any with my favorite song. I will sing it for you and if its too bad just say "Bella for God's sake never sing again!" :p Just let me know and I will never sing again ok? So my favorite lullaby is that one that goes like this:

14:20 1st lullaby (my favorite Brazilian lullaby):
"If this street.. if this street was mine
I'd ask them to cover it
with little.. with little shiny diamonds
Just to see.. just to see "my love" walk by.
In this place.. In this place there's a forest
A forest called.. a forest called "Loneliness"
Inside this forest.. Inside this forest there is an Angel
That stole.. that stole my heart"

2nd lullaby (I never realized how creepy this songs lyric is until now haha)
Ox ox ox, black faced ox
Take this boy that is scared of grimaces
ox ox ox, black faced ox
Take this girl that is scared of grimaces

I hope you have a wonderful night
I hope you wake up re energized.. with this new day that is arriving.
A day is a restart. We can do everything again as a second chance.
A new day with precious hours of life for us to enjoy and experiment.
I wish you everything that is good. I wish you only the best.
Good Night. Good Night.
Sleep Well (:

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