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Manchester Orchestra - I Know How To Speak

“This song was originally and roughly formed a few years ago about the impending weight of the future. It almost made it onto Black Mile, but hadn't fully formed yet. We spent some solid time this year revisiting and reworking and recording the song into it's final state. I found it inspiring to work on this song right before the birth of my son, which was and is beautiful impending weight.”
-Andy Hull

Stream or Buy the Single Here:
Spotify: http://found.ee/MO_IKHTSSpotify
Apple Music: http://found.ee/MO_IKHTSApple
iTunes: http://found.ee/MO_IKHTSiTunes
Amazon: http://found.ee/MO_IKHTSAmazon
Google Play: http://found.ee/MO_IKHTSGooglePlay

Follow Manchester Orchestra Here:
Website: http://found.ee/themanchesterorchestra
Facebook: http://found.ee/manchesterorchestra_FB
Twitter: http://found.ee/manchesterorchestra_TW
Youtube: http://found.ee/manchesterorchestra_YT
Instagram: http://found.ee/manchesterorchestra_IG


I know how to speak
And I know where I'm going
I wanted to seek
But I got distracted

It's a mirage
One that leaves me embarrassed
'Cause no one knows me like you
You know there's nothing left for you
So I continually knew
Try to pass it through for you
'Cause I bore you

Pestered by pain
It's time, listen honest
So let go of your shame
It's a dead, dampening blanket

It's a facade
I can look at you training
There's nobody else like you
I think I finally explained it
So I continue to move
Between the bank and the blanket
Don't fake it

I, I'm really gonna try this time
Gonna give you my heart in spite of my soul
I, I'm really gonna to try this time
Gonna give you my heart in spite of my soul

I want your name
Burnt in my ceiling
Floats like a flame
An unpredictable wonder

You gave it all hope
And all the of this is a circle
There's nobody else like you
So many that came before you
This is the moment I choose
Between the hope and the hardest
So be honest

I'm really gonna try this time
Gonna give you my heart in spite of my soul
I'm really gonna try this time
Gonna give you my heart in spite of my soul

#ManchesterOrchestra #Rock #IndieRock

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