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Evolution of Chain Chomp Minigames in Mario Party

This video shows the evolution of Chain Chomp Minigames in the Mario Party Series.

00:01 - Crazy Cutter Chain Chomp Pattern (Mario Party 2)
00:36 - Sneak 'n' Snore (Mario Party 2)
01:10 - Game Guy's Sweet Surprise (Mario Party 3)
01:45 - Merry-Go-Chomp (Mario Party 3)
03:24 - Chain Chomp Fever (Mario Party 4)
04:35 - Long Claw of the Law (Mario Party 4)
05:08 - Chomp Romp (Mario Party 5)
05:55 - Night Light Fright (Mario Party 5)
06:25 - Rumble Fumble (Mario Party 5)
07:15 - Seer Terror (Mario Party 6)
07:55 - Throw Me a Bone (Mario Party 6)
08:42 - Wheel of Woe (Mario Party 7)
09:21 - Spin Off (Mario Party 7)
10:00 - Chomp Walker (Mario Party Advance)
11:47 - Barrel Peril (Mario Party Advance)
12:50 - At the Chomp Wash (Mario Party 8)
13:27 - Cardiators (Mario Party 8)
14:45 - Chomping Frenzy (Mario Party 8)
17:00 - Chain Chomp Romp (Mario Party 9)
19:40 - Jigsaw Jumble (Mario Party 9)
19:50 - Bowser's Block Battle (Mario Party 9)
20:10 - Chain Chomp's Lava Lungle (Mario Party: Island Tour)
21:46 - Fruit or Foe (Mario Party: Star Rush)
24:39 - Night Light Fright (Mario Party: The Top 100)
25:10 - At the Chomp Wash (Mario Party: The Top 100)

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