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Utakata Hanabi Lyrics

Naruto Shippuuden
Utakata Hanabi - The Transient Fireworks
Performed by: supercell feat. nagi
Lyrics: ryo
Music composition: ryo
Music arrangement: ryo

Lyrics (Original/Romaji & English Translation)
afureru hito de nigiwau hachigatsumatsu no omatsuri
yukata o kite geta mo haite
karankoron oto o tateru
fui ni agatta hanabi o futari de miageta toki
muchuu de miteru kimi no kao o sotto nusumimita no

The festival at the end of August was lively and overflowing with people
I put on a yukata and geta
Making clanking and clicking sounds
When the two of us looked up at the suddenly risen fireworks
I secretly stole a glance of your face watching them in a trance

kimi no koto kirai ni naretara ii no ni
kyou mitai na hi ni wa kitto
mata omoidashiteshimau yo

Although it would be better if I'd come to hate you
On a day like today
I'd remember you again for sure

konna kimochi shiranakya yokatta
mou nido to aeru koto mo nai no ni
aitai aitai nda
ima demo omou kimi ga ita ano natsu no hi o

Not knowing these kinds of feelings would have been great
Although we will now never meet again
I want to, I want to see you
I still think of that summer day when you were with me

sukoshi tsukarete futari michibata ni koshikaketara
tooku kikoeru ohayashi no ne
hyururira narihibiku
yozora ni saita ookina ookina nishikikan o
mou sukoshi de natsu ga owaru
futto setsunaku naru

If we grew a little tired, we'd sit down on the roadside
Listening to the distant sound of the orchestra
The whistling sounds and strings reverberating
A brocade cap bloomed bigger and bigger in the night sky
Summer will end in a little while
It suddenly becomes painful

sakasama no haato ga uchiagatteta
ahaha tte waraiatte
suki da yo tte
kisu o shita

I launched my reversed heart
Laughing "ahaha" and
Saying "I love you"
We kissed

mou wasureyou kimi no koto zenbu
konna ni mo kanashikute
dou shite deatteshimatta ndarou
me o tojireba
ima mo kimi ga soko ni iru you de

I'll forget all about you now
This is just too sad
Why must we have met?
If I close my eyes
It'll be like you're there even now

amai toiki
binetsu o obiru watashi wa kimi ni koi shita
sono koe ni sono hitomi ni
kizukeba toki wa sugisatteku no ni
mada kimi no omokage o sagashite

Sweet sighs
Tinged with a slight fever, I was in love with you
In that voice and in those eyes
If I notice, time is passing by
But I'll still search for a trace of you

hitorikiri de miageru hanabi ni
kokoro ga chikuri to shite
mou sugu tsugi no kisetsu ga
yatte kuru yo
kimi to miteta utakata hanabi
ima demo omou ano natsu no hi o

I looked up at the fireworks all by myself
Making my heart prickle with pain
Very soon, the next season
Will arrive
I had watched the transient fireworks with you
I still think of that summer day when you were with me

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