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YUGOSLAVIA's History in the Eurovision Song Contest (1961-1992)

Following a request from jeeremyajnstajn03 here is a recap showing the history of Yugoslavia in the Eurovision Song Contest.

Yugoslavia debuted in 1961 and particiapted until its dissolvation in 1992 with the exception of the years 1977-1980 and 1985. The country had 27 entries and won the contest one time, in 1989.

Former Yugoslavian countries that today participate independently are Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, Republic of Macedonia, Montenegro, Serbia, Slovenia.

I would like to thank Euroalmanac for the high quality ESC videos which I used for the making of this video.

Jugoslavija na Eurosongu
Jugoslavija na Pjesmi Eurovizije
Jugoslavija na Pesmi Evrovizije
Југославија на Песми Евровизије

1961 || Ljiljana Petrović - Neke davne zvezde
1962 || Lola Novaković - Ne pali svetla u sumrak
1963 || Vice Vukov - Brodovi
1964 || Sabahudin Kurt - Život je sklopio krug (no video available)
1965 || Vice Vukov - Čežnja
1966 || Berta Ambrož - Brez besed
1967 || Lado Leskovar - Vse rože sveta
1968 || Dubrovački Trubadur - Jedan dan
1969 || Ivan & 3M's - Pozdrav svijetu
1970 || Eva Sršen - Pridi, dala ti bom cvet
1971 || Kruno Slabinac - Tvoj dječak je tužan
1972 || Tereza Kesovija - Muzika i ti
1973 || Zdravko Čolić - Gori vatra
1974 || Korni grupa - Moja generacija
1975 || Pepel In Kri - Dan ljubezni
1976 || Ambasadori - Ne mogu skriti svoj bol
1981 || Seid-Memić Vajta - Lejla
1982 || Aska - Halo, halo
1983 || Danijel - Džuli
1984 || Vlado & Izolda - Ciao amore
1986 || Doris Dragović - Željo moja
1987 || Novi Fosili - Ja sam za ples
1988 || Srebrna Krila - Mangup
1989 || Riva - Rock Me
1990 || Tajči - Hajde da ludujemo
1991 || Bebi Dol - Brazil
1992 || Extra Nena - Ljubim te pesmama

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