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A Glass of Water Saved a Plane And 72 Passengers

The plane had been used for 20 years, but it had never suffered a single accident before, so the cabin crew had no doubts the flight would be easy. Passengers got on board the plane; flight attendants nonchalantly checked their boarding passes; everything went as usual.

But what happened after that was really scary. No electricity onboard, all equipment down, no airport in sight, and only a half-forgotten runway deep in the Siberian snow forest. It’s hard to imagine a worse scenario for a passenger plane landing, so it’s a real miracle that everyone ended up safe and sound. And all of it thanks to… a glass of water.

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The first signs of trouble 1:04
The plane became crippled 2:07
How a glass of water helped them 2:47
A place to land is found but... 3:48
There was no panic 6:00
Landing 6:27
What happened to the airplane 8:35

#planecrashes #planeaccidents #planesurvive

Music by Epidemic Sound https://www.epidemicsound.com/

- The plane had been used for 20 years, but it had never suffered a single accident before, so the cabin crew had no doubts the flight would be easy.
- The electronic equipment started acting abnormally, but the pilots shrugged it off as a nuisance and continued the flight. Air traffic control also neglected the problem.
- Just 8 minutes after the announcement, the lights in the cabin went off. Only the flight attendants paid any attention to it, believing everything was alright. In the cockpit, though, the situation immediately became desperate.
- Without the equipment, the plane became crippled. It was still operable, but all the navigational systems refused to work, the radio went offline, and the fuel transfer pumps were also lost.
- Without any means to control the angle at which they descended, they used an old and almost forgotten trick: a glass of water put on the control panel.
- As Captain Novosyolov later said in an interview, it was a pure stroke of luck that they saw a landing strip near the town of Izhma. It was an old airport that had been abandoned for a long time and closed for any aircraft except helicopters.
- Despite the abandonment of the airport, airport supervisor Sergey Sotnikov, of his own will, kept the runway in a good condition for all those years. He cut down the emerging brush, swept away garbage, and even drew the runway marking when it faded.
- Before the last attempt at landing, all passengers and the cabin crew were transferred to the front of the plane to be ready for an emergency evacuation.
- The emergency escape slides were dispatched. And all 72 passengers along with all 9 crew members safely went down to the ground. None of them were even slightly injured.
- The lucky passengers and crew were transported by helicopters to nearby Ukhta, from where they went on to Moscow by another plane, and only one family decided they’d had enough air travel for a lifetime and took a train instead.
- Sergey Novosyolov and his co-pilot Andrey Lamanov were made Heroes of the Russian Federation, while the rest of the cabin crew received the Orders of Courage.
- After that, the aircraft continued performing flights for another 7 years. It received its own nickname, Izhma, and in September 2018 it flew for the last time.

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