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Dragon Ball Super Original Soundtrack Vol.2 Disc 1

Disc 1 :
00:00 Limit-Break x Survivor (TV size)
01:27 Chōzetsu ☆ Dynamic! (Hero Ver.)
02:36 Warrior Spirit
05:10 Zero Mortal Plan
07:15 Trunks and Mai
08:47 A Mother’s Love
10:26 Death-Match with Goku Black
12:05 Solving the Mysterious Puzzle
13:46 Fistfight Battle
15:31 Zamasu’s Overwhelming Power
16:44 Humiliating Defeat
17:55 The Birth of Merged Zamasu
19:21 Heroic Battle
20:59 Trunks the Savior
22:22 The Mortals’ Hymn
24:17 Pledge of Peace
26:13 The Omni-King’s Wrath
27:30 Triumphal Return
29:34 Chōzetsu ☆ Dynamic! (Defeat Ver. )
31:11 Chōzetsu ☆ Dynamic! (Sorrowful Ver. )
32:26 An Eerie Foe
34:03 Limit-Break x Survivor (Instrumental Type A)
35:30 Jiren’s Theme
37:09 Prelude to Battle
39:28 Universe 7 in Trouble
41:13 Unknown Territory
43:08 Limit-Break
45:17 The Wall Before One’s Eyes 1
46:59 Limit-Break x Survivor (Instrumental Type B)
48:34 Reparation
50:52 The Boys’ Adventure
52:43 Distant Journey
54:40 Camouflage Battle

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