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Angel Beats Op Full HD w/lyrics My Soul, Your Beats!

Artist : Lia
Title: My Soul, Your Beats!

I don't take credit for this video. All copyrights and properties go to their respective owners.

Video was intended to promote the anime and for fans to enjoy.

English Translation

I open my eyes again, to a sleepy morning
I tighten the tie around my neck
When I pass through the classroom door I can walk in with my chest puffed out proudly
Such a wind blows past everyday life
I thought I heard it
I even thought I felt it
Now it starts to shake within my chest
I thought it would come soon
As those millions of stars vanished
I watched them fade
I waved them good-bye
Im glad

Overlooking the corner of the hall as I sweep
I think something is odd
Even though the time within me has stopped
Its like Im living different days
The dust falls and piles up like snow
I thought they were waiting
I even thought they were calling out
Now my time starts to shake
I thought I found it
I awaken lost memories
Thats the end
Of the eternal

Before I knew it I was running
You were pulling my hand
Yesterday is long past; Tomorrow is just ahead
My heart raced at such obviousness

I thought I heard it
I even thought I felt it
Now it starts to shake within my chest
I thought it would come soon
The new day passes through thousands of mornings
I thought it was waiting
I even thought it was calling out
My soul is shaking
I thought I found it
Like millions of dreams the day can vanish
I watched it fade
I waved it good-bye
Thank you

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